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Breaking the chains! Top 5 reasons to choose an independent pharmacy.

1. Independent pharmacies accept all insurances! This is one of the biggest reasons that patients don't think about independent pharmacies as an option and it is due to the lack of advertising power. The retail chain drugstores advertise utilizing a multi-media platform to target the market. Independent pharmacies not only accept insurances, they posses more knowledge around formulary options than most chain drug stores. This is due to the fact that they individually contract with each and every one. Therefore, they see their direct reimbursements at the store level the minute that they process your prescriptions.

2. The service is unprecedented at an independently owned pharmacy. There is no comparison when compared to a big box chain drugstore. First of all, you aren't a number standing in a long line being ignored while the overworked staff avoids making eye contact. If you walk into an independent pharmacy, you may hear a friendly greeting or you may be acknowledged through a How can I help you today? Independent pharmacies depend on your business to make an income so the owne