Breaking the chains! Top 5 reasons to choose an independent pharmacy.

1. Independent pharmacies accept all insurances! This is one of the biggest reasons that patients don't think about independent pharmacies as an option and it is due to the lack of advertising power. The retail chain drugstores advertise utilizing a multi-media platform to target the market. Independent pharmacies not only accept insurances, they posses more knowledge around formulary options than most chain drug stores. This is due to the fact that they individually contract with each and every one. Therefore, they see their direct reimbursements at the store level the minute that they process your prescriptions.

2. The service is unprecedented at an independently owned pharmacy. There is no comparison when compared to a big box chain drugstore. First of all, you aren't a number standing in a long line being ignored while the overworked staff avoids making eye contact. If you walk into an independent pharmacy, you may hear a friendly greeting or you may be acknowledged through a How can I help you today? Independent pharmacies depend on your business to make an income so the owners and staff value their customers and are grateful for your patronage so they deliver personalized service.

3. Independent pharmacies answer the phone. It is that simple. Conversely, in a chain drugstore, you may get lucky enough to talk to a live person. But the catch is it may be a live person at a remote call center not your local pharmacy. So then you are transferred again and waiting on hold until an employee answers at the actual store. The average hold time in a chain drugstore is 1:53 seconds before being greeted rapidly and being promptly placed back on hold. The chain drugstore is being timed on all work flow. It is hard for a chain pharmacist to get on the phone when they have 2 customers on hold, 3 flu shots, and a drive through consultation. The independent pharmacist is easily accessible whether it is by phone or through a walk in advice situation. The independent pharmacist isn't being micromanaged through their day by a pleutera of bosses with titles and unnecessary demands.

4. We value our patients and strive to keep your business. For example, if there is a problem with your prescription, prior authorization, refill request, or change of medicine due to formulary change, you will be notified and they will follow up because your business is valued. The chain drugstores have developed apps to help this process along, but there are gaps to the system which lead to an overwhelming amount of texts for every little issue that are often vague and unimportant, you may miss the information. Because you are valued as a patient at an independent, the followup is dependable, friendly and the pharmacist will go the extra mile to keep your business.

5. The independent pharmacies are multi-faceted in their approaches to your therapy. For example, because they are independently owned, they can compound, delivery, and prepare special individualized blister packaging to ensure that you are adhering to your medications. The different array of services and specialties available at these "mom and pop" pharmacies are hard to ignore. They are small enough to develop generational relationships and assist in making their community a better place to live all while delivering the old fashioned service that we all desire.