Break Free's 10 Golden rules for a Ketogenic diet

10 Golden rules for a Ketogenic diet!

  1. Have fun and don’t stress! It takes a little time to learn the Keto lifestyle, but the results are amazing!

  2. Know thy body! Start by purchasing some keto strips, an inexpensive blood sugar meter and also PH strips! Take some time and learn how to use the equipment and start to document results in a log. This will give you a baseline before starting the diet!

  3. Reduce thy carbohydrate intake. Generally, most dieters only count net carbs (total carbs - fiber). Challenge yourself to limit both net carbs and total carbs for optimum results. Total less than 20g net carbs or 35g total carbs per day.

  4. Restrict thy protein intake. When the body is low on sugar it turns to the liver for help. The liver has the ability to convert amino acids within protein to sugar in process called gluconeogenesis. Stay within .6g and 0.8g-protein consumption per pound of lean body mass to avoid the keto kick out!

  5. Thall shalt not worry about fat. #1 source of energy while in ketosis is fat and you need a lot of it. Unlike other diets, you will not lose any weight if you cut out the fat.

  6. Wine into water… Stay hydrated through out the day by consuming around 1 gallon. Add PH booster to help raise your PH with this diet. This is a key element for keeping the hunger down and helps wash out those pesky toxins.

  7. Stop thy snacking! Try and keep to eating the set meals as much as possible to avoid having your insulin levels change.

  8. In the beginning there was fasting. Fasting starts and maintains high level of ketones throughout the day. There are three different stages of Metabolic Pathways or the break down of fat’s, proteins and carbs. Fasting 2-8 hours between meals or intermittent fasting is a key tool to staying in ketosis.

  9. Move a mountain! Exercise to get the most of your keto diet! We all know the benefits to exercise, so I am not going to go there. What I will say is that while you are on the keto diet, you will find yourself wanting to exercise and move. It makes you feel like a super human!

  10. Add thy vitamins and supplements. 1.Supplementing can be used to help to stabilize a keto diet by raising your ketones into the ketosis zone. 2. PH in your body becomes acidic even after eating large quantities of leafy greens. A simple fix is adding PH drops or drinking 9.5 – 10 PH water. 3. You will need to add extra sodium to your diet. Sipping bone broth or adding a tablespoon of Himalayan salt to water works well.