The 8 dimensions of Wellness

Defining Wellness

Wellness is a term being used in healthcare, but often times is not clearly defined or understood by the majority of people. Wellness even seems like an unattainable greatness that everyone strives for but never quite achieves. Wellness is greater than health itself. It is achieved by actively expressing yourself by choosing to live your life fully awake in love and purpose. There are 8 dimensions of wellness that cultivate healthy habits/practices that directly impact both your physical and mental health.

The eight dimensions of wellness:

1. Social Wellness

Social Wellness

Social Wellness - this dimension focuses on the connection that you have with your community and with the people who surround you. This means actively participating and building a support network of contacts creating a safe space.

2. Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness - the ability to navigate through life and it's stressors with optimism, self-acceptan and coping strategies all while using self-care. One of the most important parts of emotional wellness is knowing when to reach out for help.

3. Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness - this dimension is about our relationship to money and managing our resources. This includes setting realistic goals, long-term and short term planning, as well as having an awareness that everyone's financial circumstances are unique.

4. Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness

Occupational Wellness- is working in an environment that provides personal satisfaction while staying consistent with your personal value system, goals and lifestyle.

5. Physical Wellness

Physical wellness

Physical Wellness - the maintenance of a thriving lifestyle through adoption of the healthy habits. These habits could include: regular exercise, meditation practices, routine medical exams, balanced diet and adequate sleep.

6. Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness

Spiritual Wellness- is seeking harmony with the universe by having a meaning and purpose in life. This includes the expression of gratitude practices while demonstrating compassion towards others.

7. Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness

Environmental Wellness - is living a lifestyle that acknowledges and respects our surroundings and nature. Making in active choice to putting yourself into an environment that supports your well-being.

8. Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness

Intellectual Wellness - it is the ability to critically think and reason with an objective view throughout life. Placing the importance on creativity and mental stimulating activities.

8 Dimensions of Wellness