The power of dandelion & keto diet.

Dandelion and Keto Diet

I don't know if you are like me, but I spent many summers trying very diligently to remove and keep dandelions out of my yard. I had no idea about the health benefits to a normal diet or as an intricate part of a perfect keto diet. If I may suggest something, if you see a dandelion in your yard this year, bring it in and add it to your salad. Your gut will thank you for it!

Mark's daily supplement use - 4.75g

Why - #1 it's a diuretic which is high in potassium and calcium. Both minerals tend to run a little low on a keto diet.

Potassium is excellent at decreasing fluid retention which leads to weight gain. Helps in maintaining a good digestive and gives relief from chronic constipation.

Why - #2 Detoxification,

Dandelion is an amazing liver detoxification and supports fat digestion. If you want to make the perfect combo to detox your liver, add a little milk thistle tea. These are the two top herbs for cleaning the liver and removing toxins.

Why - #3 Helps remove heavy metals. If you have been tested or believe you have some heavy metal exposure, dandelion has been reported to remove heavy metals. In addition to dandelion, add some frequent trips to the steam room too!